neurodiverse learner

Neurodiverse Learners

No learner is the same. Although the theory of Learning Styles has been mostly debunked, it is true that we all learn in myriad and different ways. Some of us learn in very different ways. For these neurodiverse learners, traditional classroom instruction, in which the teaching style is generally aimed

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student learning one-to-one online

Some Principles of One-to-One Learning

We get mixed reactions when we describe our one-to-one learning model that pairs one teacher and one student, working together. Some people see it as the absolute in a range. If study after study have shown that smaller class sizes lead to better educational outcomes, then a class size of

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Alternative education for worldschoolers

How My Education Changed My View of Education

Many students thrive in a traditional school setting. Brick and mortar schooling where you sit at desks with 15-25 other students is a system that has been used for decades. (Sir Ken Robinson has a great description of the “industrial model” of education in his famous Ted talk.) However, this

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volunteering opportunities for students

Volunteering Opportunities for Students

There are many reasons why middle schoolers and high schoolers may want to volunteer their time. Volunteering opportunities for students can provide real-world, hands-on work experience. A well-chosen program that connects with a student school plan—especially for homeschoolers and worldschoolers who have the freedom to craft their own curriculum—can extend

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Worldschooling Hubs: School From Anywhere

Worldschooling, the act of taking your kids on an extended traveling experience, and using the world as their classroom, is on fire. More families than ever—impelled by the work from anywhere revolution—are hitting the road. At Cicero, we serve a lot of worldschooling families. Our model of 1:1, personalize school

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Teen Blogging Course

Blog Your Way To Better Writing

At Cicero we get a lot of requests for writing support—whether embedded into our normal ELA courses as a strong focus or, in some cases, as stand-alone programs. This makes a lot of sense. Writing clear, compelling prose is critical for success in college and life. With this in mind,

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