Animation Course

Animation is an art form that combines many subjects in one: narrative, technology, drawing, and design. Although animation has been with us for a long time, it’s an innovative discipline. In the words of this course’s instructor: “It is basically magic.” In this course on 2D animation, we will dive into the technique, mechanics, and […]

Blogging for Teens

Blogging course for teenagers

This class is designed for writers aged 13+ who are interested in sharing their stories online. Over the course of seven weeks, we’ll explore blogging platforms, brainstorm ideas, try out a few common post types, get to know our personal “writing voices” better, and even touch on SEO and internet safety. Learners will leave with […]

Architecture I

architecture course

This is a beginning course for middle or high school students designed to provide an understanding of architecture who would like to explore its history, as well as the meaning of design. Students will use site visits, readings, and sketch book development to learn about architecture through as much doing (sketching) as seeing or reading. […]