Homeschool Q&A

Are you thinking about taking your kids out of school but are perplexed by questions, like:

What curriculum should I select?

Will my child get into college?

Will my child be happy?

What about socialization?

Join us in conversation with Hope Paterson, a Cicero parent and the brains behind Hope Sparks—Transformational Coaching for entrepreneurs + Education Innovation Specialist. Hope’s expertise is helping in the development of new schools, education platforms, education boards and providing parent support for families exploring new ways to learn and live. (Note, you can join her private Fb group. where you can expect discussions, resources and help with issues such as learning, wellbeing, lifestyle shifts and travel and adventure with your family.)

Hope and Cicero founder, Paul Bennett, will talk about her daughter’s experience with Cicero, the principles behind 1:1 learning, developing agency in kids, and how to ignite curiosity, passion, and creativity in learners.

We’ll be getting together on Facebook Live on Thursday, June 2 at 12 noon ET. Sign up in advance to reserve your space

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Homeschooling Q&A

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