Do more than just avoid the summer learning lag.

Use this summer to reignite your child's love for learning.

The Problem

Many kids are in a learning slump. After years of off-and-on school, compounded by teachers feeling burned out and leaving the profession, a lot of kids have lost their love of learning, the spark that used to ignite their inner curiosity.

One symptom of this is when kids say that they HATE learning. If you think about it, this is an absurd statement. Learning, curiosity, and discovery are core to being human; and kids have these qualities naturally in abundance. Our challenge as parents and educators is to find ways for kids to re-discover their curious, creative selves, and in the process fall back in love with learning.


How We Solve It

Enter the Cicero Summer Learning Re-Set, a custom-built one-on-one engagement between a learner and a teacher, designed to kindle curiosity, spark inquiry, and get kids feeling creative again.

This isn’t about academics, and not about getting ahead. This is about getting kids to connect with educators in a new way. Maybe your child wants to do a book club with an educator that lasts a month? Maybe he wants to explore shooting and editing photos with an art teacher. Maybe she’s really into fractals and wants to build javascript objects based on them.

Any topic.

Any duration. 

Your cadence.

We find the right teacher to help your child experience learning from another angle and feel a sense of progression and connection. It also gives you, as a family, a chance to toe-dip into self-directed learning, work with Cicero, and see what 1:1 learning looks like.

Work with us to build the right summer program for your child.

Sample Programs

Here are some ideas our teachers have already cooked up:

  • A graphic novel book club to re-spark a young girl’s love of reading.
  • Microplastics project for a kid spending the summer in Cape Cod.
  • Discovering Linguistics
  • Poetry Boot Camp
  • Digital autobiography for a rising junior building their college application.
  • Math puzzle-making in javascript for a gamer.

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