AP Statistics


Our AP Statistics course offers an in-depth exploration of statistical principles, methods, and data analysis techniques. Designed according to the guidelines set forth by the College Board, this course aims to equip students with the skills necessary to analyze data, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate statistical findings.


Exploring Statistical Concepts

This AP Statistics course immerses students in the realm of statistical reasoning, focusing on understanding key concepts, including probability theory, experimental design, data analysis, and inferential reasoning. The student will learn to apply statistical models and techniques to analyze and interpret data, gaining insights into variability, patterns, and relationships. Together, student and teacher will develop a deep understanding of sampling techniques, study design, and data collection methods, allowing them to critically evaluate the validity and reliability of statistical studies.

Examining Data Analysis Techniques

The course also emphasizes data analysis and statistical inference, empowering the student to draw meaningful conclusions from data. They will explore descriptive statistics as a way to summarize and represent data through graphical displays and numerical summaries, including hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and significance tests in order to make informed decisions and assess the strength of evidence. Working one-to-one with our teacher we will also employ simulation and resampling techniques to understand sampling variability and strengthen inferential skills. By utilizing technology and statistical software, we’ll gain proficiency in analyzing data sets and interpreting statistical results accurately.

Incorporating Exam Preparation

In order to be properly prepared (and unstressed) we will incorporate exam prep thorough the the course, exposing the student to the format and expectations of the AP Statistics exam, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the types of questions and the timing of the test. Mock exams, practice questions, and sample responses are provided to enhance exam readiness. In the final 3-4 weeks we’ll switch into 100% exam prep mode, including guidance on effective exam strategies, time management, and prioritizing key concepts. Student and teacher will also engage in targeted review sessions, reinforcing critical knowledge areas and addressing common misconceptions.

Our AP Statistics course is designed to ensure that the student acquires a comprehensive understanding of statistical concepts, data analysis techniques, and experimental design principles, and is well prepared for the exam. This course not only develops statistical literacy and analytical thinking but also fosters essential skills for future academic pursuits and professional endeavors. Upon completion, we’ll possess the confidence and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges, make data-informed decisions, and pursue further studies in statistics and related disciplines.

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