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Math is the language of nature. It can also be frustrating to learn, especially in a traditional classroom environment where the pace of instruction has to follow the mean, and students who are ready to sprint ahead get bored and those who miss a concept or two fall behind and feel like they are just “bad at math.”

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How Our Online Math Courses Work

Our online math classes are taught by math teachers with deep experience in private and public schools around the world. Most hold advanced degrees in either math or education—and oftentimes both.

Full courses generally last 30 weeks with 1-3 online live sessions per week, plus 3-5 hours of independent work (for high schoolers; less for younger students) but can be completely adapted to the learner. Many families opt for 3 online live sessions with their teacher each week.

Although each course is designed for the individual learner, some common themes connect all our math courses.

We believe:

  1. Math is a puzzle that constantly unfolds; it is inherently fascinating once you apprehend the language.
  2. No one is naturally “bad at math.” This is the product of poor instruction.
  3. Math is accretive. Each concept builds on the last. Therefore, it is critical to slow down on hard concepts in order to ensure the student gets it before moving on.

Who Are the Courses For?

We can design any of our math courses for any age.

  • For primary age learners (grades 3-5) we can build a course that focuses on basic arithmetic and math fluency.
  • For middle schoolers, we design our middle school math courses as an appetizer for what awaits them in high school  algebra and beyond. This involves advanced work in fractions, ratios, and integers. We also tend to work on mental math skills at this age, which can provide super helpful scaffolding for later math work.
  • Our high school online math courses follow either the traditional American math sequence of algebra 1, algebra 2, and precalculus or the integrated math model of math 1, 2 and 3. In either case, our focus is to develop the student into a “math thinker,” which prepares them for, well… anything and everything in life, from continuing in math or other STEM subjects, or philosophy, humanities, or any subect that requires logical reasoning. For students who wish—and this is highly recommended for homeschoolers—we also offer all the AP math courses, which follow the specific AP guidelines and preparation for the exam.

Why Learn Math Online?

Learning math online in our one-to-one model allows you to pair with the right teacher, whether they live in San Francisco or Singapore. It also allows you to find a quiet place where you can connect directly with a consummate educator who is dedicated to your success as a student and can mentor you on your learning journey.

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas."

- Albert Einstein

Classes Offered

sketch of a student taking an online algebra 1 course

Algebra 1

Our Algebra 1 online course is a personalized educational journey, designed to align with the individual learning style, pace, and interests of each student. Inspired

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Ink sketch of a high school girl doing an algebra 2 course

Algebra 2

Our Algebra 2 online course is designed for students who have completed our Algebra 1 course, and are ready to dive into more complex mathematical

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AP calculus

AP Calculus AB or BC

Our personalized, one-to-one AP calculus course offers a comprehensive exploration of calculus concepts and skills, aligned with the course requirements outlined by the College Board.

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AP Math Classes & Exam Prep

Homeschoolers and worldschoolers who are thinking about college—or simply want the option of college in their future—should consider taking a couple of AP courses during their high school years. AP courses and the AP exam give college admissions officers a useful benchmark to understand whether a homeschooled student is ready for the academic rigor of college.

We offer a variety of AP math courses, from AP Precalculus to AP Calculus AB or BC to AP Statistics. AP courses usually run for a full year (30 weeks); but can be compressed. They typically follow the unit plan described by The College Board, and save time for 3-4 weeks of exam prep at the end. Our students are currently averaging 4.5 on AP exams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our math courses—just like all our courses—are completely customized to the learner and can be any duration that you would like. A typical full-load history course runs about 30 weeks with two hour-long live sessions per week and 3-5 hours of independent work (for high schoolers, slightly less for middle schoolers, and a lot less for primary-aged students). This roughly translates into 150-210 hours, well above the standard Carnegie unit.

The key to succeeding in any online class is to develop great study habits and executive function (EF). We call these Tomorrow Skills, and include things like managing your calendar, time-boxing, and other strategies. As a Cicero student you will have access to workshops and our internal Slack group where we work on EF and study habits for independent learners.

Mastery-based approaches to learning emphasize the need to fully grasp concepts before moving on. This is super important in math because math is accretive: each concept stacks on top of the last. So, if you miss a concept or are a little fuzzy on something and skip ahead before mastering it, you will find future concepts even more difficult. Learning is not a race.

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