Online Learning for Adults

Hiring a private teacher to teach you a topic offers a unique way to learn for adults. It’s an ancient idea—this is how aristocrats learned until the industrial era—that offers a compelling alternative to signing up for a scheduled course.

With a private teacher working with you one-to-one, this is a completely personalized, completely flexible form of online learning for adults—at your time, at your speed, the topics you want to learn.

online learning for adults

I thought that if one could go to the gym to exercise certain body parts then perhaps there is a gym for the mind.”

A Gym for the Mind

The adults we work with say things like “this is a complete game changer” and “I’ll never stop learning this way.”

What sets this apart from other online learning is that it’s a live, one-to-one experience rich in dialogue and inquiry. It’s also completely customized you. If you want to shift the focus, make edits, or pursue a different set of questions, then your private teacher will adjust the course accordingly.

Dialogue. With a Human.

Csaba wanted to accomplish three things:

  • learn more about art history and architecture
  • learn how to sketch
  • build his hand-brain connection.


See how he hired two teachers via Cicero; was able to completely personalize the experience; and how one-to-one courses have completely changed his approach to learning.

How It Works

  1. You pick a topic. It might be Plato, architecture, statistics, political structures of pre-modern India, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics… Whatever.
  2. We find you a teacher who is often a college professor, and who builds the course around your interests.
  3. You meet once or twice per week for as long as you want, engaged in dialogue and inquiry.
  4. If you want to shift, we shift.
hand writing

This is learning re-imagined. On your terms.

Let’s get started.

You can make an inquiry and tell us what you’re interested in learning. Or, book a consultation with us using our Calendly booker.

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