Place-Based Learning

Cicero courses are tailored to the individual student. As a result, this opens up a number of unique opportunities, including the opportunity for place-based (or in-situ, Latin for “in place”) learning.

With place-based learning we tailor a course to the specific place where the student happens to be. This is particularly well-suited to worldschoolers who are traveling as part of their education.

student studying marine biology while SCUBA diving

How Does It Work?

For example, let’s say a family is spending the fall in South and East Asia, splitting their time between India and then China, and their son wants to take our Tea, World in a Cup course as his 10th grade history course. When the family is in India, their teacher can organize a tea estate visit and incorporate that experience into the curriculum.

Or, similarly, when the family arrives in China, the student can participate in a tea ceremony, which then forms hands-on research as part of a paper writing assignment.

Or, in the case of science, let’s say that a family will be in Costa Rica at a worldschooling hub and their daughter needs to do an 8th grade integrated science course to align with her state requirements back in Vermont. Our teachers can build a course that meets those requirements while also taking advantage of the fact that she’ll be in Costa Rica, incorporating field trips to the cloud forest, a study of local ecology, and a project-based learning experience along the seashore.

In other words, place-based learning, which can be added into any Cicero course, allows students and their families to weave place-based learning into their school plan and curriculum.

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