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Why Take a Debate Class?

Debating teaches not only confidence and public speaking skills but also critical thinking, observation, researching, and problem-solving skills. Arguments are acrobatics for the mind. They

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a student trying to decide between AP courses or dual enrollment

AP Courses v Dual Enrollment

One challenge for homeschoolers and worldschoolers is building a viable transcript. Although there are many educational options for homeschoolers that provide accredited courses and a

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student doing project based learning

What is Project Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning, or PBL, is a method of learning where a student designs, develops, and constructs hands-on solutions to problems. Some trace its beginnings back

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neurodiverse learner

Neurodiverse Learners

No learner is the same. Although the theory of Learning Styles has been mostly debunked, it is true that we all learn in myriad and

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