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a student trying to decide between AP courses or dual enrollment

AP Courses v Dual Enrollment

One challenge for homeschoolers and worldschoolers is building a viable transcript. Although there are many educational options for homeschoolers that provide accredited courses and a high school transcript, such as Cicero, there still remains that challenge for college admissions counselors to benchmark one student against another. For this, homeschoolers and

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student doing project based learning

What is Project Based Learning?

Project-Based Learning, or PBL, is a method of learning where a student designs, develops, and constructs hands-on solutions to problems. Some trace its beginnings back to antiquity when Confucius quipped “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” The ancient Chinese philosopher grasped

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Books crumbling to illustrate learning loss

Learning Loss and High-Dosage Tutoring

The best data is finally out and pandemic learning loss is staggering. In both reading and math scores, students who perform below grade level rose 50% from 2019 to 2023, and students overall are, on average, 5-9 months behind—that’s a solid year behind for many. The New York Times published

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student study plan

How a Smart Study Plan Supports an Independent Learner

Embarking on the journey of independent learning requires more than just textbooks and notes. A robust study plan is a compass guiding students through the labyrinth of academic challenges, helping them achieve success in a manner tailored to their unique learning styles. In this exploration, we unravel the essence of

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neurodiverse learner

Neurodiverse Learners

No learner is the same. Although the theory of Learning Styles has been mostly debunked, it is true that we all learn in myriad and different ways. Some of us learn in very different ways. For these neurodiverse learners, traditional classroom instruction, in which the teaching style is generally aimed

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student learning one-to-one online

Some Principles of One-to-One Learning

We get mixed reactions when we describe our one-to-one learning model that pairs one teacher and one student, working together. Some people see it as the absolute in a range. If study after study have shown that smaller class sizes lead to better educational outcomes, then a class size of

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