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Cicero teachers share a common passion for learning. In fact, they define themselves as learners first and foremost, and see their role as fostering curiosity and inquiry rather than stuffing students full of facts and information.

Our teachers are master educators across a wide range of fields, from biology to Latin to computing. They often come to Cicero with years of traditional classroom experience, but have honed particular expertise as online teachers and mastered the unique skills required for homeschooling and remote learning. Not only are they Zoom wizards, but they mine the opportunities inherent in asynchronous learning to create rich experiences for students.

Our North Star: the Student-Teacher Bond

Remember that amazing teacher who connected with you and changed your life? That’s our north star: Setting up the opportunity for kids to experience that all the time.

1:1 learning isn’t like normal school. Kids can’t hide in the back of single-student class; and teachers spend zero time on “classroom management” and other behavioral issues. Instead, the time is spent in deep engagement—one-to-one—which allows teacher and student to develop a rapport and deep bond over the course of semester, or a year. This, in turn, creates trust, which fuels confidence, risk taking, and creativity. The results can be transformative.

“Our daughter, Sophia, had an amazing experience. She bonded with her teacher, Gay, in a way she never has before, and they shared the learning experience in a deep way. At points, Gay flipped the process and had Sophia teach her, which was incredibly powerful. We’re signing up for another semester.” — a Cicero parent

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