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Cicero teachers share a common passion for learning. In fact, they define themselves as learners first and foremost, and see their role as fostering curiosity and inquiry rather than stuffing students full of facts and information.

Our teachers are master educators across a wide range of fields, from biology to Latin to computing. They often come to Cicero with years of traditional classroom experience, but have honed particular expertise as online teachers and mastered the unique skills required for homeschooling and remote learning. Not only are they Zoom wizards, but they mine the opportunities inherent in asynchronous learning to create rich experiences for students.

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Designed for Homeschooling and Remote Learning

Cicero online teachers personalize their courses, tutoring, and coaching to the needs of their students. Or, to put it in common teaching lingo: They meet kids where they are. Most follow a student-centered approach, which may take many forms such as the flipped classroom approach or expeditionary learning or project-based learning. In all cases, interactions are designed around one-on-one interactions in which a students’ learning comes first and foremost.

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