Private Teachers for 1:1 Education

We live in a time of extreme possibility in education. Never have there been so many options for students to step out of traditional school.

But what’s missing in this heady mix of online courses, remote cohorts, and gamified learning, is the deep human connection between student and teacher that sparks learning.

Everything we do starts with teachers. Our 1:1 model creates an environment that brings this to the fore, where a student can interact with their teacher in a way that builds an uncommon rapport and strong mentorship bond.

“One-on-one learning has honestly been life changing. I have never felt this good about school.”

- Cicero student

Who are Cicero Teachers?

Cicero teachers come from private and public schools. Many are masters level. And all have deep experience working 1:1 with students. From Breadloaf graduates who excel at text analysis and nurturing great writers, to “new math” thinkers with experience teaching AP level, the teachers of Cicero represent the best of their profession.

“There is power in a great teacher, and it lies in how they bring out the power of their student. We aren't filling students with knowledge, we're guiding them to bring out their strengths and reach their full potential.”

- Cicero teacher

A Few of Our Teachers

Antoni is a unparalleled math teacher with a rich background in economics, African studies, and educational theory who has taught in incredibly diverse classrooms from North Philadelphia to Bordeaux, and who brings this global perspective to his craft.

"My philosophy of education is that learning is a lifelong endeavor that never stops. As I learn something every day to become a better teacher, I expect the same from my students and peers."

Areas of Expertise

  • math specialist
  • computer science
  • civics, Spanish, TOEFL



  • MS education, U Pennsylvania
  • Teach for America
  • Université Bordeaux, France
Cicero teacher Antoni Tang
Cicero chemistry teacher Caroline Yang
Caroline is a seasoned chemistry and math teacher who has taught in many different contexts from inner city public schools to project-based charter schools, always with a student-centered approach that prioritizes curiosity and building a learning mindset.

"I am a firm believer in teaching students to have a growth mindset, how to persevere through hardship, and how to view any hiccups, failures, or mistakes they may encounter as learning opportunities."

Areas of Expertise

  • inquiry-based learning
  • project-based learning
  • neurodivergence


  • Teach for America
  • LA Unified School District
  • High Tech High (Chula Vista)

Johari is a Masters-level math teacher and sought after instructional coach (Johns Hopkins, et al) whose experience runs from large public school systems to Montessori. She is a specialist math trainer and curriculum designer who focuses on student-centered learning.

"'Education' comes from the Latin educere, which means to bring out. We aren't filling students with knowledge, we're guiding them to bring out their strengths and passions and to reach their full potential."​​

Areas of Expertise
  • Montessori method (AMI)
  • math specialist

  • MA education, Loyola Maryland
  • Sojourner Truth Montessori
  • High Tech High (Chula Vista)
Cicero math teacher Johari Malik
photo Cicero teacher Will Schutt

Will is an award-winning poet and Italian translator who has taught English language arts and writing for many years on the middle school, high school, and university level. In the summers Will leads the Goucher College Young Writers Camp, and is passionate about helping young writers find their voice.

"I strive to instill in students an enthusiasm for language: for the well-made sentence, for the arresting metaphor, for sound."

Areas of Expertise

  • writing
  • executive function
  • Bowman verbalization strategies


  • Award-winning poet (Westerly 2013)
  • Gilman School
  • St. Stephens School (Rome)

Lance is a masters-level science and math teacher who has an incredible ability to meet students where they are at, and build a learning experience tailored to their needs and interests.

"I believe every student has a unique talent, and our job as educators is to help uncover and nurture these talents."

Areas of Expertise

  • outdoor education
  • math and science
  • teaching mentorship


  • MS education
  • Green School, Bali
  • Adjunct Professor, UC San Diego
Cicero teacher Lance Billingsley

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