Algebra 1


Our Algebra 1 online course is a personalized educational journey, designed to align with the individual learning style, pace, and interests of each student. Inspired by the curriculum frameworks of elite U.S. high schools, we build this course to be uniquely tailored to the student, with the aim to foster a deep understanding of algebraic concepts in a one-to-one learning environment.

How Our Algebra 1 Course Works

As with all our courses, unless forming a pod with other students, you will be paired with your own, private math teacher, who will build the course content for you specifically, drawing on the basic structure of high school algebra, but adapted to your level, level, passions, and interests. This approach ensures a highly engaging and effective learning experience.

In this course, you will meet online with your dedicated teacher 1-3 times per week, engaging in a dynamic, interactive learning process. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools like Jamboard and an iPad with iPen, you will work collaboratively in real-time with your teacher, one-to-one, embracing the spirit of co-learning and discovery. This interactive approach not only makes learning more engaging but also enables immediate feedback and personalized guidance. Integral to the course are math puzzles and games, designed to stimulate critical thinking and problem-solving skills within the context of algebra.

For students who want to prepare for math competitions, that can be woven into the course.

Algebra 1 Curriculum

The curriculum of our Algebra 1 course is comprehensive, yet flexible, ensuring coverage of all core concepts typically found in a high school algebra course, while allowing for adjustments in pace and focus areas based on the learner’s needs. Your teacher will have an overarching plan at the outset to guide you through these concepts, but your specific journey will vary, with more time devoted to certain topics as needed.

Learn to Solve Basic Algebra 1 Problems

We will start with the fundamentals, learning to solve basic algebraic equations. This includes understanding variables, coefficients, and the use of different problem-solving methods. We might explore linear equations, quadratic equations, and inequalities, delving into the processes of simplification, factorization, and graphing, depending on your background in math up to this point.

Since math is accretive, we will ensure that you fully master each concept before moving ahead. This is one of the main reasons students in classroom math often fall behind and get frustration. Just a small amount of extra time in the early years of high school math can make all the difference down the line.

Understanding Functions

Understanding functions is absolutely critical to algebra, and we’ll ensure that we spend enough time on functions, their notation, and types. Together we will explore linear, quadratic, and exponential functions and their graphs, which are concepts that will return again and again in high school math.

We will also thoroughly explore systems of equations and inequalities, and learn how to solve systems of linear equations and inequalities using various methods like graphing, substitution, and elimination.

Introduction to Polynomials, Rational Equations, and Radical Expressions

Our journey will undoubtedly take us to polynomials, where we will learn about polynomial expressions, and learn how to perform operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and factoring on them.

We will also understand rational expressions and how to solve rational equations, and similarly get an early introduction to radicals and how to simplify and solve radical expressions and equations.

Word Problems and Real-World Applications

A key piece of applying mathematics to the real world is being able to parse and solve word problems. We’ll dive deeply into this, in varying ways, and learn how to translate a word problem into an algebraic equation, and then solve them—enhancing our understanding of how algebra is used in daily life.

At the end of this course you should be prepared for algebra 2 and other more advanced explorations in high school math.


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