Gender Studies


This course is a journey into the realm of gender. In this engaging course, we invite you to embrace the power of questions over definitive answers, immersing yourself in the dynamic world of Gender Studies. The course will navigate a multitude of thought-provoking inquiries that shape our understanding of the intricate tapestry of gender and its impact on society.

We’ll explore pivotal concepts, including feminism’s profound inquiries, the significance of gender in our lives, the nuances of masculinity, and the intricate connections between sex, gender, and sexuality. The course will further examine how gender intersects with factors like race, class, ability, and nationality, weaving a complex narrative of identity.

Students will learn the influence of gender in our everyday lives and ponder its potential to reshape our world into a more equitable place. Beyond theory, our exploration extends to contemporary issues that resonate with your interests – from gender roles and trans rights to reproductive justice and beyond.

This course has meticulously crafted modules that unravel the historical strides of women, the transformative power of women in politics, the advocacy for LGBTQ rights, and the intricate relationship between gender and human rights. Delve into pivotal historical case studies, tracing the suffrage movement, the civil rights struggle, the impact of conflict, and the far-reaching influence of the Me Too Movement.

The course does not only investigate the past but also ventures into the present and future, dissecting issues like abortion rights, combating violence against women and trans individuals, the gendered facets of climate change, and the profound implications of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suggested Course Texts

Kang, Miliann, et al. Introduction to Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies. University of Massachusetts Amherst Libraries, 2017.

Fishman-Weaver, K., & Clingan, J. (2022). Teaching Women’s and Gender Studies: Classroom Resources on Resistance, Representation, and Radical Hope (Grades 9-12) (1st ed.). Routledge.

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