Cory Plough

With two decades in online education, Cory has had a unique and interesting education journey. He has been a school leader, teacher, coach, professional development coordinator and even worked in student and family support. His true passion lies with teaching students and connecting with them in personalized and engaging ways. Cory taught Social Studies and technology courses for the first online school in Nevada and then joined the first online school in the country to be an education leader. His experiences in non-traditional programs has allowed him to focus on supporting students and teachers with methods that bring out their best.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach:

As an educator with a long history of providing personalized education, my goal is to empower each of my students to reach their full potential. I believe that education should be tailored to the individual learner, meeting them where they are academically and supporting their unique interests. My teaching philosophy is centered around building strong student-teacher relationships, providing engaging and relevant learning experiences, and leveraging technology to create an interactive, student-driven learning environment.

Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Tutoring
  • Learning Coach
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
  • Partial Year Classes (Mini Courses)
Teaching Subjects:
  • U.S. History
  • World History
  • Classics