Personalized Learning, One to One

A Classical Model Adapted to a Modern World​

One-to-one, personalized school for worldschoolers, homeschoolers, and students for whom traditional school just isn’t working.

Expert Educators

Who design a course to you.

One-to-One Courses

A class size of one.

On Your Schedule

Tailored to your family.

homeschooling student studying

Custom-built Curricula

Why buy an off-the-shelf class for an individual learner? We meet your child where they are and design courses that prepares them for where they are going.

Our one-to-one model means that every course we design—whether a full-year, full-credit academic course or short mini course or elective—is completely customized to your child.


  • Alexander the Great had Aristotle.
  • Marcus Aurelius had Fronto.
  • Sophia from Quebec has Kyle Kirby.


The ancient model of one-to-one education puts the student-teacher relationship at the center of learning.

We believe that personalized, flexible schooling fits with our “Work from Anywhere” future.

Private Teachers

A private teacher is not a tutor. They aren’t some college kid hired to help with homework. A private teacher is an experienced professional who builds an entire learning experience geared to your child.

Hiring a private teacher can make the difference in sparking curiosity in your learner. The mentoring relationship encourages deep understanding and responsibility.


“I loved my 7th-grade English course. Hadley was engaging, asked me many questions, and is focused on my individual growth and learning. It was so good!”
Jade Bennett, happy homeschooled kid
Jade Bennett
7th Grade
“The one-on-one model yields rich conversations and strong relationships, and it creates both the space and the trust required for great writing instruction.”
Hadley Westman
English Teacher
“Education, at its finest, is personalized to the student and sparks curiosity. Students learn more deeply and become the changemakers our world needs.”
Jenny Bourassa Cicero teacher
Jenny Bourassa
Biology Teacher

At Your Convenience

Whether you are combining school with travel, arts, or sports, Cicero schedules classes around your time constraints. Using all available technologies to find the best way to meet and communicate with your student. This can look like an intense, condensed semester or a class that is spread out to accommodate breaks.

You decide.

How Does Personalized Learning Work?

Our focus is on building a strong relationship between student and teacher. We do this through our one-on-one format that is student-centered and facilitated by inspiring, creative, expert teachers. To get a sense for what this looks and feels like, join us for a quick tour of a Cicero "classroom."

Yes. A number of our teachers are specialists in teaching neurodivergent children, including 2E kids. Several are executive function coaches, as well.

No problem. We would work with you, analyze your local school system’s curriculum, and design each course to enable you to return to traditional school in the future.

Each class is customized to your interests and needs. We find that most courses are designed for 1-2 live interactions per week + additional asynchronous work done over Docs, Discord, or whatever platform works for you.

Our pricing varies according to the scope of each course. Our base rate is $115 per live, one-hour session with a teacher. We offer session package discounts for longer courses.

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