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1:1 private teaching

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Digital Nomads

Perfect for worldschoolers
and digital nomad families.

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1:1 Courses

A class size of one.
No distractions.

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What We Do

Cicero connects intellectually curious students with private teachers for one-on-one, personalized classes that range from tutoring to semester-long online courses.

One of the key features of Cicero is flexible scheduling that allows students to set up courses around their own, unique schedule.

Whether you’re an 8th grade kid really into science or a college-bound high schooler looking to master AP calculus, Cicero helps you find the teacher who is right for you.

Perfect for Digital Nomad Families

You’ve made the leap, bought the RV/boat/ticket to Portugal. The work-from-anywhere revolution is powering your life change. But what about school? A private teacher (or 2+) can make the difference. Cicero was built by a worldschooling family for worldschooling kids.

Perfect for Homeschoolers

You’ve tried online school. You’ve tried boxed curricula. You’ve tried a variety of approaches. Now is time to up your homeschool game with a private teacher and a custom-built curriculum.

Perfect for Families Looking for Better Alternatives

School isn’t working. Class sizes are too big, bullying is a problem, and teachers are resigning. Cicero’s one-on-one learning model is a solution. Book a consult today to learn how we can supercharge your student’s learning.

What's Cicero Like?

Our focus is on building a strong relationship between student and teacher. We do this through our one-on-one format that is student-centered and facilitated by inspiring, creative, expert teachers.

To get a sense for what this looks and feels like, join us for a quick tour of a Cicero “classroom.”

What do learners and teachers say?

Jade Bennett, happy homeschooled kid

“I loved my 7th-grade English course. Hadley was engaging, asked me many questions, and is focused on my individual growth and learning. It was so good!”

Jade Bennett, 7th grader

“The one-on-one model yields rich conversations and strong relationships, and it creates both the space and the trust required for great writing instruction.”

Hadley Westman, ELA teacher

“Education, at its finest, is personalized to the student and sparks curiosity. Students learn more deeply and become the changemakers our world needs.”

Jennifer Bourassa, biology teacher
Jenny Bourassa Cicero teacher

How Does Personalized Learning Work?

1. Meet our teachers

2. Browse their classes

3. Sign up for a course or create your own

4. Start learning

Yes. A number of our teachers are specialists in teaching neurodivergent children, including 2E kids. Several are executive function coaches, as well.

No problem. We would work with you, analyze your local school system’s curriculum, and design each course to enable you to return to traditional school in the future.

Each class is customized to your interests and needs. We find that most courses are designed for 1-2 live interactions per week + additional asynchronous work done over Docs, Discord, or whatever platform works for you.

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