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Our AP Chemistry online course pairs you with a private teacher for a one-to-one, personalized high school chemistry course aligned to the College Board’s AP chemistry exam. This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry, as well as foster critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and laboratory proficiency. This course can be done as a stand alone course or with preparation to take the AP exam in May. For students who want to prepare for the exam, we can shape this course accordingly. And, for all students—whether exam directed or doing the course without the exam—we tailor the curriculum to your interests and learning style, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.

AP Chemistry Online Course

In this AP Chemistry course, you will embark on a journey into the heart of high school chemistry. Together with your instructor, you will explore topics such as atomic structure, chemical bonding, chemical reactions, thermodynamics, kinetics, equilibrium, and more. Through interactive lessons, laboratory experiments, and problem-solving exercises, you will gain a deep understanding of these core principles and their real-world applications. Our one-on-one format allows for personalized attention, ensuring that you grasp the intricacies of each concept.

The course will generally follow the nine units described by the College Board, from atomic structure to applications of thermodynamics. Each unit will be carefully tailored to your learning style and pace—going slow where needed, and speeding up when possible.

Developing Laboratory Skills and Scientific Inquiry

Significant emphasis is placed on laboratory work and scientific inquiry throughout this course. You will have the opportunity to conduct experiments, make observations, and analyze data, fostering your ability to think critically and apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios. In addition to a textbook, you will be required to purchase a small, at-home lab kit. Labs will be designed both to utilize this kit and everyday household items. (You’ll be surprised to learn how many chemicals can be found around the house.)

Through hands-on activities, laboratory investigations, and data analysis exercises, you will develop a strong foundation in laboratory techniques and safety, as well as enhance your understanding of chemistry as a dynamic experimental science.

Exploring Advanced Topics and Applications

This course goes beyond the basics of a normal high school chemistry course and begins to explores advanced topics in chemistry, including organic chemistry, chemical thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and more in order to prepare you to study chemistry—and science, generally—on the college level. You will delve into the complexities of molecular structures and chemical transformations, gaining insights into the diverse applications of chemistry in fields such as medicine, engineering, and environmental science.

Exam Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies

For students preparing for the AP Chemistry Exam, we integrate exam preparation throughout the course. You will become familiar with the exam format, question types, and timing, and receive guidance on effective test-taking strategies. We provide practice exams, multiple-choice questions, and free-response prompts to enhance your readiness for the exam. In the final weeks leading up to the exam, we intensify our focus on exam readiness, including comprehensive review sessions and strategies for mastering key concepts and problem-solving techniques.

For those students not taking the exam, the course will proceed as normal, with the final weeks, which would normally be dedicated to exam prep, focused on project work and more advanced concepts, without a pace determined by the test.

Personalized Learning Experience

With our one-on-one format, you will receive personalized attention and guidance tailored to your specific needs, which studies have shown can result in much greater learning. Your teacher will adapt the curriculum and teaching methods to match your learning style and pace, providing additional support and clarification whenever necessary. This individualized approach empowers students to grasp complex chemistry concepts more effectively and excel in both theoretical understanding and practical laboratory skills.

This online AP chemistry course is designed to challenge you and prepare you for college. While not equivalent to college-level chemistry, you can think of it as one step down in difficulty—with normal, non-AP high school chemistry being two steps down, in terms of difficulty.
Yes. But, most good things in life are hard 😉 That said, how challenging you will find AP chem really depends on your intrinsic motivation, study habits, and growth mindset. Having a private teacher who can personalize the content to you can make a huge difference.

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