Veterinary Science


Love animals? Interested in science? In this veterinary science online course we’ll pair you with a seasoned veterinarian technician who has taught hundreds of students for a one-to-one course that will prepare you for advanced post-secondary level education in animal science, biology, and/or zoology, and/or a career in working with animals. (If you’d like to explore the full range of career options, our Introduction to Careers with Animals course is another idea.)

A Complete Introduction to Veterinary Science

In this full-credit course we’ll cover a full range of topics in veterinary science from principles of animal welfare and and understanding of the veterinary profession, to animal handling and health and safety procedures, and eventually the hard science of the anatomy and physiology of animals, zoonotic diseases, vaccinations, and injection techniques. As a one-to-one course, the specific topics will depend partly on your interests and aptitudes; but, our overall goal will be to prepare you for advanced study on the college level.

Woven into this course will be a number of practical skills that are necessary for having a successful career in animal care, including veterinary office communications, First Aid and CPR, utilizing listening skills to follow directions, practicing basic math skills as applied to a medical setting, and scientific reading to gain information and to perform assignments and tasks as directed. Often your teacher will work with you to design a capstone research project involving animal care.

What’s Covered in This Course

The following is a basic list of some of the topics we’ll cover in this course:

  • Microscope use, Terminology and Maintenance
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Animals
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Animal Genetics in relation to diseases
  • Veterinary Clinic Procedures
  • Clinic Infectious Disease Control
  • Infectious Diseases in Body Systems
  • Livestock Animal Breeds,
  • Horse Breeds
  • Animal Assisted Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Multiple Species Animal Handling
  • First Aid, Bandaging and CPR
  • Surgical Preparation, Medical Waste
  • Internal Parasites and Prevention, Treatment
  • Vaccination Protocols for Multiple Species
  • Parenteral Injections and Medications

By the time we finish together you will have a strong grounding in the fundamentals of veterinary science and be able to move on to college-level courses in biology, zoology, and veterinary medicine; or, prepare for the veterinary lab tech exam.

Who Is Veterinary Science For?

This is a great course for high school students who are interested in biology, love animals, and are thinking about a career as a veterinarian. It can also be shaped for middle school students, and designed for adults.

Veterinary science is a subdiscipline of life sciences and biology concerned with the health of domestic and wild animals, including the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting animals.
Absolutely. This veterinary course is custom designed and held online in live, one-to-one sessions, with your teacher, allowing you to go at the pace and schedule that suits you best.

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