Cognitive Science

Cognitive Science course for high school students.

How do minds work? What, for that matter, is a mind; and how is it different from a brain? Cognitive science grapples with these questions, and more. It looks at the relationship between the physical processes of the brain and the processes of thought and consciousness, through an interdisciplinary lens, combining elements of neuroscience, philosophy, […]

Marine Science

marine science course for online school

Marine Science for Middle Schoolers or High Schoolers This course is suitable for a high school student with some background in biology who is looking to go deeper into all aspects of marine science. It is taught by Jenny Bourassa, a marine biologist with extensive background in this subject. The course is divided into three […]

High School Chemistry

high school chemistry online course

Online Chemistry Course This high-school level online chemistry course will introduce the student to general chemistry concepts by completing a science challenge or experiment each week relating to the concept covered. The course serves as an introduction to general chemistry and covers topics including, but not limited to: atomic properties, understanding the Periodic Table, ionic […]