Introduction to Careers with Animals


In this mini course we’ll explore the range of careers with animals. This course is designed for middle school and high school students who love animals and are considering a potential career working with animals, whether that’s an aspiration to work in veterinary medicine or a dream of working for a zoo or circus. This course, taught by a seasoned veterinary medicine professional, will expose you to a wide range of career options, help you think through the various courses of study and skills required for each, and understand some of the terms and language used in different careers with animals.

Exploring Careers with Animals

Whether you want to be a vet or a dog trainer, this mini course—taking place over 5-10 weeks—will give you a comprehensive understanding of the myriad careers related to animals. As a one-to-one course, the syllabus will be completely personalized to your interests. Some topics that we typically cover, include:

  • Veterinary Medicine Careers
  • Animal Shelters & Sanctuaries
  • Animal Advocacy Organizations
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Pet Food Industry, Pet Supplies & Merchandise
  • Careers with Pets (Pet Sitter, Pet Groomer)
  • Dog Trainer and Dog Daycare
  • Careers with Horses (Jockey, Groomer, Massage Therapist)
  • Animal Behaviorist
  • Zoologist
  • Exotic and Large Animal Careers


For high school students and adult learners we’ll also spend time on preparing for employment, soft skills, interview technicals, and building a great resume.

What We’ll Learn Together

In our time together we’ll learn about the wide range of career opportunities available in animal industries, including veterinary medicine, animal advocacy, and more. We’ll also learn about job titles, career ladders and job progression. We’ll do a little work on our own personal skills assessments and understand how to align our skills with job descriptions in order to identify suitable career paths.

Who Is This Course For?

This is a great course for middle school and high school students who are contemplating careers with animals. It is normally designed as a mini course of 5-10 weeks; though, it can also be shaped as a full-semester (15 week), half-credit course.

There are many different careers for those interested in working with animals, including veterinary science, veterinary technician, animal trainer, animal behaviorist, and zoologist. The key is an interest in biology and the life sciences coupled with a love of animals

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