Online Chemistry Course

This high-school level online chemistry course will introduce the student to general chemistry concepts by completing a science challenge or experiment each week relating to the concept covered. The course serves as an introduction to general chemistry and covers topics including, but not limited to: atomic properties, understanding the Periodic Table, ionic and covalent bonds, chemical reactivity, chemical kinetics, heat, solubility and PH. The concepts are reinforced by online lessons on either and, and in conjunction with inquiry driven science challenges and experiments the students will gain an understanding of how chemistry exists in everyday items and connects to the world around them.

Weekly Meetings

Each week, the student is given a hands on design challenge and a list of materials—most of which will be everyday household materials. S/he will be tasked to hypothesize and experiment how to “make it work.”  Some challenges include creating invisible ink, homemade lava lamps, magnetic slime, crystals, molecular models, chemical reactions and more. After working independently and asynchronously, we will get together online for a 1-hour live video lesson to go over the work and discuss fundamental concepts in chemistry.

AP or Not

This introduction to chemistry course can be designed to prepare the student for the AP exam or not. It is completely up to you.

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