Our online biology course offers a unique, personalized learning experience for high school students who will benefit from live, one-to-one instruction with a biology teacher. Modeled after the high standards of elite preparatory schools, this course is both rigorous and tuned to the pace you require. Under the guidance of your own, private teacher, this is a personalized learning journey, with the curriculum adapted to the student’s level and interests.

An Accredited Online Biology Course with Labs

This accredited online biology course not only meets high school credit requirements but also includes a practical, hands-on laboratory component. With your private teacher, you will engage in a variety of lab experiments, some of which require basic lab equipment such as a small microscope and a lab kit, while others make creative use of everyday household items. This approach ensures that you not only learn theoretical concepts but also apply them in real-world contexts, thereby deepening your learning.

Core Concepts Covered in High School Biology

  • Molecular Biology – We will also delve into the molecular mechanics of DNA, proteins, and the genetic code. Personalized lessons could cover DNA replication, protein synthesis, and genetic mutations, providing us with a deep understanding of how genetic information dictates the living world’s structure and function.
  • Cellular Biology – We will explore the intricate world of cells, the basic units of life. Topics might include cellular structure, function, and processes such as cellular respiration and photosynthesis. Through personalized experiments and models, we’ll learn how cells harness energy and how they contribute to the larger functions of life.
  • Species and Ecosystems – Our focus will gradually widen through the course to species and eventually ecosystems as we explore the concept of biodiversity and how species and their interactions form complex ecosystems. This part of the curriculum could adapt to focus on specific ecosystems of interest to the student, such as analyzing energy flow, matter cycling, and the role of organisms within these systems. The impact of human activity on ecosystems and the importance of conservation might also be emphasized.

By the end of this online biology course we’ll emerge with a solid grounding in biology and the life sciences, ready to tackle chemistry, physics, and other high school science subjects, as well as being prepped for college level biology coursework. More importantly, we’ll have a deep, contextualized understanding of how each level of biology interlocks and interacts with the next, and possess an appreciation for the complexity of life on this planet.


For students wishing to take honors or advanced placement biology, we offer AP Biology.

While the requirement can vary by educational system, biology is often a required course in high school. It serves as a fundamental component of a well-rounded scientific education, helping students understand the living world around them.

Biology can be challenging due to its breadth and depth of topics, from cellular processes to ecosystem dynamics. However, in our one-to-one tailored course, this complexity is managed by adapting the curriculum to fit your learning pace and interests.

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