AP Biology

AP Biology

Our personalized, one-to-one AP biology course offers a comprehensive exploration of the principles, concepts, and applications of biology, aligned with the course requirements outlined by the College Board for the AP biology exam. This course can be done as a stand alone course or with preparation to take the AP exam in May. For students […]

Tea, The World in a Cup

Tea Course for High Schoolers

The camellia sinensis plant provides the base for what remains the most widely-consumed beverage in the world (after water), with a history spanning thousands of years and nearly all cultures. As a result, tea offers an unique, multidisciplinary lens for studying history, biology, and economics simultaneously. For Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers This course is […]

Marine Science

marine science course for online school

Marine Science for Middle Schoolers or High Schoolers This course is suitable for a high school student with some background in biology who is looking to go deeper into all aspects of marine science. It is taught by Jenny Bourassa, a marine biologist with extensive background in this subject. The course is divided into three […]