How a Smart Study Plan Supports an Independent Learner

student study plan

Embarking on the journey of independent learning requires more than just textbooks and notes. A robust study plan is a compass guiding students through the labyrinth of academic challenges, helping them achieve success in a manner tailored to their unique learning styles. In this exploration, we unravel the essence of a smart study plan, how […]

Let’s Talk About Executive Function

executive function illustra

We’ve been discussing executive function a lot in the halls of Cicero these days—ok, by “halls” we mean on our Slack channel for teachers. Executive function, or EF for short, is a professional term. It’s a big bucket of life skills that includes how to organize ourselves, be on time, keep track of events, appointments, […]

Teen Life Coaching with Kate Stone

Life Coaching for Teens

  It’s no secret that there’s a crisis with teenagers. Mental health among teens has been eroding since 2010, with a significant dropoff during the pandemic. Middle and high school life isn’t helping. A lot of kids feel adrift—disengaged from learning, unsure how to process their feelings. One place to turn is to hire a […]

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