How My Education Changed My View of Education

Alternative education for worldschoolers

Many students thrive in a traditional school setting. Brick and mortar schooling where you sit at desks with 15-25 other students is a system that has been used for decades. (Sir Ken Robinson has a great description of the “industrial model” of education in his famous Ted talk.) However, this system is undeniably outdated and […]

School and the Digital Nomad Family

Jade who lives in a digital nomad family, in Singapore

Pre-pandemic, the typical digital nomad was a young, childless professional who lived a couple of months here and a couple of months there, skipping from coworking hub to coworking hub, from Bali to Lisbon to CDMX. Like so much, this changed with the pandemic as older professionals with families transitioned to remote work. As more […]

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