Geneviv Magtoto

Geneviv is a versatile and dedicated teacher with extensive experience in various educational settings. She holds a bachelor's degree in medical technology and a master's degree in education, along with a diploma in special education from the University of Baguio. Geneviv's teaching expertise spans across different countries, including Singapore, Qatar, and Italy, where she has taught a wide range of subjects such as biology, chemistry, and physics, catering to curricula like IB, AP, IGCSE, and O-Level. Her inclusive teaching approach, coupled with her ability to address challenges related to independent learning, ensures that she nurtures the potential of each student, fostering a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach:

“There is no teaching when there is no learning". This quote has been my guiding principle throughout my teaching journey. As an educator, my mission is to bring out the best in every learner and instil confidence in their understanding of the sciences. I firmly believe that each student has their own unique style and pace of learning. Embracing this diversity has allowed me to be flexible in providing differentiated learning activities, all aimed at enabling students to achieve academic excellence while nurturing their character. With over 20 years of experience in teaching sciences, I have honed my abilities to deliver lessons in various ways that resonate with my students. My approach sparks their passion for learning, transforming them into life-long learners who can independently construct their knowledge. I am dedicated to empowering my students to take charge of their education, fostering a sense of curiosity and a thirst for knowledge that will serve them well beyond the classroom.

Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Tutoring
  • Learning Coach
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
Teaching Subjects:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry