Constanza Otero

From her early years chasing fireflies in her grandparent’s backyard, Constanza cultivated a passion for science that led her to earn a Biology Bachelor’s degree and a Doctorate in Biological Chemistry from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). After years as a researcher, including work in Papua New Guinea, Constanza realized the urgency of addressing human impact on the planet and its repercussions on health.
In 2016, Constanza transitioned to full-time teaching, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education (UBA) in 2018 and specializing in Social Sciences with a focus on Psychoanalysis and Socio-Educational Practices in 2020. With seven years of experience, she teaches Biology, Chemistry, and more, incorporating active learning, inquiry-based strategies, and technology integration.

Beyond her online lessons, Constanza challenges students in Buenos Aires to address complex issues at the intersection of Human and Environmental Health. She aspires to equip them to find solutions for local problems, contributing to food security, holistic health, deforestation relief, pollution reduction, and climate change mitigation, with the hope of bringing back fireflies to Buenos Aires province backyards.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach

Children should investigate their environment, recognizing problems, asking questions, and, like genuine scientists, coming up with possible solutions. Constructivism provides the ideal framework to foster these types of abilities, along with project- and problem-based learning. Adopting these strategies sparks curiosity, and helps develop research skills, effective communication skills, critical thinking, as well as a desire for lifelong learning. It also allows a space for interactive and collaborative learning, where students engage in practical activities, discussions, and projects related to environmental issues.

I design course materials to aid students in grasping and creating scientific models to explore real-world challenges. Most activities I propose promote hands-on experience through simulations, field trips, at-home lab work, and even expert interviews. Evaluation methods include tests, projects, portfolios, and presentations. These productions later become the source of valuable feedback that guides ongoing improvement and fosters a mastery-oriented mindset.

I genuinely love teaching natural sciences and am committed to raising the next generation of environmental stewards and lifelong learners. My general teaching method stems from the conviction that learning should be more than just receiving knowledge. Active learning provides students with the skills and perspectives required for lifelong problem-solving. An essential need in a changing world that faces complex challenges such as climate change, energy, food, and health crises.

I design course materials to aid students in grasping and creating scientific models to explore real-world challenges.
Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Tutoring
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
Teaching Subjects:
  • Biology


Courses that Constanza Otero Teaches

  • AP Biology
    Our personalized, one-to-one AP biology course offers a comprehensive exploration…

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