AP US History


Our AP United States history course offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the history of the United States. Aligned with the requirements outlined by the College Board, this course provides students with the knowledge, analytical skills, and historical perspectives necessary to understand and interpret the complex tapestry of American history. This course can be done as a stand alone, honors-level course or along with preparation to take the AP exam in May. For students who want to prepare for the exam, the last month of coursework will be dedicated to exam preparation. And, for all students—whether exam directed or doing the course without the exam—we tailor the curriculum to your interests and learning style, ensuring a focused and effective learning experience.

Approach to learning American History

Throughout this high-school level course, we take a thematic approach to the study of American history, examining key themes, concepts, and developments that have shaped the nation from its earliest foundations to the present day. Over nine units we’ll cover the full sweep of American history, covering some key themes including the development of American identity, economic transformations, social and cultural movements, and America’s role in the world.

In-depth Analysis of Historical Periods

Together we’ll delve into the rich and diverse historical periods of American history, from precolonial, native cultures through colonization by Europeans, up to the present. We’ll explore major events, trends, and turning points, such as the American revolution, the civil war, the great depression, the civil rights movement, and more. By examining these periods in depth, students will gain a nuanced understanding of the historical forces that have shaped the United States.

Development of Historical Thinking Skills

A strong emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. Students will learn to analyze primary and secondary sources, evaluate historical arguments, and interpret historical evidence. Through engaging discussions, document-based analysis, and historical simulations, students will develop the ability to think critically about complex historical issues and develop their own interpretations.

Integration of Multiple Perspectives

We encourage students to explore multiple perspectives and voices in American history. By examining diverse viewpoints, including those of marginalized groups and underrepresented voices, students will gain a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of the American experience. This approach fosters empathy, cultural competence, and a deeper appreciation for the complexities of American history.

Effective Writing and Communication Skills

Effective communication is a crucial aspect of studying history. Throughout the course, students will refine their writing skills and learn to construct well-reasoned historical arguments supported by evidence. They will engage in various writing activities, including document analysis, short response questions, and longer essays. Through feedback and revision, students will develop their ability to articulate historical arguments clearly and persuasively.

Exam Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies

For students who opt to prepare for the exam, in order to be properly prepared (and confident), we will incorporate exam prep through the course, exposing you to the format and expectations of the AP U.S. history exam, and allowing you to familiarize yourself with the types of questions and the timing of the test. We will practice multiple-choice questions, document-based questions (DBQs), and long essay questions to enhance exam readiness. In the final 3-4 weeks we’ll switch into 100% exam prep mode, including guidance on effective exam strategies, time management, and prioritizing key concepts. You and your teacher will also engage in targeted review sessions, reinforcing critical knowledge areas and addressing common misconceptions.

Personalized Learning Experience

Our one-to-one format ensures that students receive personalized attention and tailored instruction. Our experienced teachers adapt the curriculum to match the individual student’s needs, learning style, and pace. They provide additional support, clarification, and enrichment materials as necessary, creating a learning experience that maximizes student engagement and understanding.

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