History of Philosophy

history of philosophy course for high schoolers

The history of philosophy is sometimes called the “history of ideas” or “intellectual history.” It is the study of the great ideas in history. In this course you’ll take a journey with one of our history or philosophy teachers through 2500 years of thought, tracing the ideas that form the backbone of the western philosophical […]

AP US History

AP US History

Our AP United States history course offers a comprehensive and engaging exploration of the history of the United States. Aligned with the requirements outlined by the College Board, this course provides students with the knowledge, analytical skills, and historical perspectives necessary to understand and interpret the complex tapestry of American history. This course can be […]

Tea, The World in a Cup

Tea Course for High Schoolers

The camellia sinensis plant provides the base for what remains the most widely-consumed beverage in the world (after water), with a history spanning thousands of years and nearly all cultures. As a result, tea offers an unique, multidisciplinary lens for studying history, biology, and economics simultaneously. For Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers This course is […]