Jan Frazier

Jan is a seasoned Latin teacher with a rich, varied background and years of classroom and on-site (in Italy) experience.
Jan has always had a passion for teaching and writing, which has shaped her lifelong career journey. After college, she embarked on her career as a daily newspaper reporter, later transitioning to the role of a newspaper editor. Subsequently, she ventured into writing legal analyses for an insurance company and crafting software manuals for a computer company.

Ultimately, her path led her to the high school classroom, where she combined her love for teaching with her devotion to Latin, the language of learning. For over 15 years, Jan taught in the classroom, coached her Latin Honor Society leaders, led trips to Italy, mentored new Latin teachers, and planned state-wide Latin gatherings – all to encourage the love of Latin everywhere.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach

My teaching philosophy centers on the belief that collective engagement in a meaningful endeavor brings joy to all. I firmly believe that there is no greater purpose than preserving Latin through reading, writing, and speaking it. While Latin education demands structured focus and diligent study, I emphasize that it can also be an enjoyable pursuit. My approach involves tapping into each student's individual interests and strengths, using them to enrich the subject matter. Creative students can find expression in Latin captions for their artwork, athletes can incorporate Latin into games they design, and history enthusiasts can explore the past through historical fiction set in Caesar's army camp. Throughout this journey, students not only acquire language skills but also gain a deeper understanding of Western culture, law, philosophy, and history. I firmly believe that writing, drawing, reading, and speaking are interconnected elements that collectively sustain Latin's vitality within Western culture. My commitment to teaching is driven by the goal of inspiring a lasting love for Latin in my students.

“My approach involves tapping into each student’s individual interests and strengths, using them to enrich the subject matter.”
Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Tutoring
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
Teaching Subjects:
  • Latin


Courses that Jan Frazier Teaches

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