Our one-to-one Precalculus online course is a bespoke educational journey, crafted to meet the unique learning styles and interests of each student. Inspired by the traditional precalculus curriculum found in many prestigious American high schools, this course is tailored to you—the student—to meet you where you are, speak to you in your learning style, and propel you forward to the study of calculus or other advanced math.

Our Online Precalculus Course at a Glance

In this one-to-one learning environment, you will connect with your dedicated teacher online for 1-3 sessions per week. These interactive sessions utilize tools like Jamboard and an iPad with iPen, facilitating a collaborative and dynamic educational experience, as you move through the core building blocks of advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, in preparation for calculus. This course emphasizes the spirit of co-learning and discovery.

Core Concepts in Precalculus

Your learning journey in this course, while flexible, will touch on all the fundamental concepts of a typical high school precalculus course, including:

  • Algebraic Foundations: If needed, we’ll begin with a review and expansion of algebraic concepts from algebra 1 and/or algebra 2, focusing on polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions.
  • Trigonometry: Although you may have been introduced to trignometry previously, in this precalculus course we’ll embark on a comprehensive study of trigonometric functions, identities, and equations, as well as applications in real-world contexts.
  • Complex Numbers: Exploration of complex numbers and their properties, including operations and graphical representations.
  • Function Theory: Detailed examination of different types of functions, their behaviors, transformations, and applications.
  • Analytic Geometry: Study of conic sections, including ellipses, hyperbolas, and parabolas, and their equations.
  • Vectors and Parametric Equations: Introduction to vectors and their operations, and understanding parametric equations and their applications.
  • Polar Coordinates: Learning about polar coordinates and their relationship with trigonometry and complex numbers.
  • Limits: Basic introduction to the concept of limits, setting the stage for calculus.
  • Sequences and Series: Understanding arithmetic and geometric sequences and series, including the concepts of convergence and divergence.
  • Discrete Mathematics: An overview of discrete mathematics concepts, such as probability, statistics, and combinatorics.

Precalculus Online Personalized Learning

Each topic will be introduced in a way that resonates with you, using real-world examples and applications. Depending on how the design of his course unfolds we may also include some project work, math challenges, and exam prep—depending on the student. Regardless, you will emerge at the end of this course ready for calculus or statistics.

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