Our online screenwriting course offers an immersive journey into the art and craft of screenplays and screenwriting. Designed for aspiring screenwriters at any level, this course demystifies the screenplay as a unique form of storytelling, distinct from novels, plays, and other narrative arts. Through a blend of theoretical understanding and practical exercises, you will learn not just the “how” but the “why” behind screenwriting’s fundamental principles.

Online Screenwriting Course with a Private Teacher

This course is taught by your own private teacher, one-to-one. As a result it can be completely customized to your interests, needs and learning styles. We can accommodate all ages, from middle schoolers to adult learners. The course will be structured to guide you through the intricacies of screenplay writing, from concept to completion.

An Overview of this Course

What Is a Screenplay and How Is It Different from Other Forms of Writing?

We usually begin with an introduction to the screenplay format, exploring its purpose, structure, and the role it plays in filmmaking. You will understand how screenplays serve as blueprints for films and how this influences their writing style, layout, and the level of detail required.

Reading and Analyzing Famous Screenplays

Together we’ll dive into some of the most influential screenplays in cinema history. By breaking down these texts, you will gain insight into successful storytelling techniques, character development, and pacing. We may analyze a few classic screenplays, such as classics like “Casablanca” to contemporary masterpieces such as “Get Out.”

Outlining a Plot for the Screen

We’ll also work on the essential skill of plotting a screenplay, from the development of compelling narratives, creating outlines, and structuring your story to maintain tension and interest. Exercises will focus on transforming a basic idea into a detailed plot outline.

Basics of Dialogue in Screenwriting

Dialogue is the heart of character interaction. Together with your teacher you will dive into the principles of writing dialogue for the screen, including conveying character, advancing the plot, and revealing exposition naturally. You will practice crafting dialogues that resonate with audiences and bring characters to life.

Advanced Screenplay Dialogue

Building on the basics, we’ll delve deeper into the nuances of dialogue writing, including subtext, voice, and using dialogue to deepen character complexity. You will learn to write dialogue that is not only realistic but also engaging and multifaceted.

Putting It All Together

Finally, we’ll pull all this together in a major project and write our own screenplay. We’ll put particular emphasis on revising and refining our work, understanding industry standards for formatting and submission, and tips for pitching screenplays to producers and agents.

Learning Goals

The primary goal of this course is to expose a student to the fundamentals of screenplay writing, discover and exercise new writing muscles, and explore an exciting application of writing. Our true north is to get you excited to learn more and progress as a writing and thinker about film.


This course is ideal for anyone interested in screenwriting, from complete beginners to those with some experience looking to refine their skills. Whether you aspire to write feature films, television shows, or web series, this course will provide the tools and insights needed to bring your stories to the screen.

Upon completion, students will have a solid foundation in screenwriting principles, a complete screenplay outline, and several scenes with polished dialogue. More importantly, you’ll possess the understanding and skills to continue developing your screenwriting craft independently.

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