Essay Essentials

essay writing course taught by an English professor

This short, 15-session essay writing course, is designed to equip you with the essential skills and techniques necessary to write an effective essay. Whether you’re an experienced writer just looking to refine your craft or a middle schooler or high schooler who needs to level up your essay writing ahead of college, this course offers […]

AP English Literature and Composition

AP english literature and composition course

Our online AP English Literature and Composition course equips learners with the tools to do advanced literary analysis and write at the college level. It is designed in accordance with the standards set forth by the College Board, administrators of the AP exam, and to prepare students to take that exam. This course is usually […]

English 11

online english 11 course

Our English 11 online course is meticulously crafted to extend beyond the boundaries of traditional learning, aiming to deepen students’ understanding of literature and language within a personalized, one-to-one educational environment. Building off the skills honed in English 10, this course ventures into the complexities of advanced literary analysis, emphasizing rhetoric, narrative techniques, and thematic […]


online screenwriting course

Our online screenwriting course offers an immersive journey into the art and craft of screenplays and screenwriting. Designed for aspiring screenwriters at any level, this course demystifies the screenplay as a unique form of storytelling, distinct from novels, plays, and other narrative arts. Through a blend of theoretical understanding and practical exercises, you will learn […]

English 10

English 10 online course

Our English 10 online course is a custom-built journey through literature and language arts, crafted to meet the individual needs and aspirations of each student and delivered either one-to-one or in a small-group pod. Although every iteration of this course is different, depending on the student, we generally derive the design from standards that you […]

English 9

Student taking an English 9 online course

English 9 is a foundational high school English language arts course designed to introduce 9th-grade students to the rich and diverse world of English language literature. This course, also known as 9th Grade English or English 1, is tailored to transition students into high school-level English language arts, providing them with the tools and skills […]

Tea, The World in a Cup

Tea Course for High Schoolers

The camellia sinensis plant provides the base for what remains the most widely-consumed beverage in the world (after water), with a history spanning thousands of years and nearly all cultures. As a result, tea offers an unique, multidisciplinary lens for studying history, biology, and economics simultaneously. For Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers This course is […]

Middle School English Language Arts

middle school english course for worldschoolers

Online Middle School English Course This online English course for middle schoolers is designed to lay a strong foundation for reading literature and engaging in critical analysis of texts through close-reading, discussion, and writing. In our classroom of one, the student will explore texts by reading carefully to decipher meaning and arrive at paragraph- and […]

12th Grade English

12th Grade English course with Cicero

This course is an intensive introduction to advanced literary study. It challenges fourth-year high school students to become more independent, insightful readers and more forceful, artful writers. The curriculum canvasses a wide range of literary genres, including poetry, essays, plays, short stories, and novels. Students further develop their skills as writers of exploratory journals, personal […]

Blogging for Teens

Blogging course for teenagers

This class is designed for writers aged 13+ who are interested in sharing their stories online. Over the course of seven weeks, we’ll explore blogging platforms, brainstorm ideas, try out a few common post types, get to know our personal “writing voices” better, and even touch on SEO and internet safety. Learners will leave with […]

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