Tea, The World in a Cup

Tea Course for High Schoolers

The camellia sinensis plant provides the base for what remains the most widely-consumed beverage in the world (after water), with a history spanning thousands of years and nearly all cultures. As a result, tea offers an unique, multidisciplinary lens for studying history, biology, and economics simultaneously. For Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers This course is […]

Middle School ELA

middle school english course for worldschoolers

Online Middle School English Course This online English course for middle schoolers is designed to lay a strong foundation for reading literature and engaging in critical analysis of texts through close-reading, discussion, and writing. In our classroom of one, the student will explore texts by reading carefully to decipher meaning and arrive at paragraph- and […]

12th Grade English

12th Grade English course with Cicero

This course is an intensive introduction to advanced literary study. It challenges fourth-year high school students to become more independent, insightful readers and more forceful, artful writers. The curriculum canvasses a wide range of literary genres, including poetry, essays, plays, short stories, and novels. Students further develop their skills as writers of exploratory journals, personal […]

English Writing Prep

book a trialsession

This course aims to transform high school students into amazing writers. Led by a seasoned English high school teacher, it focuses heavily on the writing process and the skills required to do college-level writing. College Writing Prep We begin with free writing and journaling to help the student work on his/her writing “muscle” and develop […]