Art Appreciation

art appreciation course

Have you ever stood before a painting wondering exactly where to focus your gaze? Or faced a sculpture hailed as a “masterpiece” and puzzled over why it matters? Whether or not you possess a background in art history, your personal impressions and reactions to art are both significant and insightful because they reflect, to some […]


online screenwriting course

Our online screenwriting course offers an immersive journey into the art and craft of screenplays and screenwriting. Designed for aspiring screenwriters at any level, this course demystifies the screenplay as a unique form of storytelling, distinct from novels, plays, and other narrative arts. Through a blend of theoretical understanding and practical exercises, you will learn […]

Yacht Design

yacht design course

It may seem counterintuitive, but design constraints usually help drive creativity. In this course students will look at one of the most constrained areas of design: the layout and construction of a yacht. Yacht Design for Middle and High Schoolers This course is led by a seasoned designer who has spent many years designing and […]

2D Animation Course

Animation Course

Animation is an art form that combines many subjects in one: narrative, technology, drawing, and design. Although animation has been with us for a long time, it’s an innovative discipline. In the words of this course’s instructor: “It is basically magic.” In this course on 2D animation, we will dive into the technique, mechanics, and […]


architecture course

This is a beginning course for middle or high school students designed to provide an understanding of architecture who would like to explore its history, as well as the meaning of design. Students will use site visits, readings, and sketch book development to learn about architecture through as much doing (sketching) as seeing or reading. […]

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