Christina Puza

Christina Puza has worn many hats in her career, including gymnastics coach, jet engine mechanic, and business executive before finding her true calling as a science, engineering, and business teacher for middle and high school students. She brings a fresh, real-world experience to her work with students.
Christina began her career in the Marine Corps as a jet engine mechanic. She returned to school to earn a degree in business administration, and spent two decades working as a business consultant for aerospace and energy companies. She is a Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing specialist.

In 2020 Christina went back to school to earn her master’s degree in secondary science education, combining her passion for engineering and STEM generally with her natural skills in people processes and learning. She currently teaches biology, ecology and STEM as well as business administration and finance.

In recognition of her excellence in teaching, Christina was honored as the Tennessee High School Science Teacher of the Year in 2021.

Outside of the classroom, Christina coaches the Girls’ Lacrosse team and sponsors a STEM club, further enriching the educational experience for her students beyond traditional academics.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach

I prioritize the active involvement of students in their learning process. I view students as naturally curious and believe that learning is most effective when driven by their own questions and investigations.

Through my encouragement, I guide students through inquiry-based learning and hands-on exploration for students to discover and engage in the scientific principles on their own. With emphasis being placed on developing students' ability to critically analyze information, evaluate evidence, and draw informed conclusions.

Through reflection exercises, discussions, and assessments, students are encouraged to assess their understanding, peer understanding and refine their thinking processes which will instill lifelong learning skills.

I prioritize the active involvement of students in their learning process.
Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Learning Coach
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
  • Partial Year Classes (Mini Courses)
Teaching Subjects:
  • Biology
  • Engineering


Courses that Christina Puza Teaches

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  • Biology
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