Daniel Atad

Daniel is an academic researcher and lecturer in the field of neuroscience, who has extensive experience as a teacher and tutor for a wide of learners, from middle schoolers to adults.
Daniel did his bachelors degree at Hebrew University (Jerusalem) in physics and cognitive science, and later earned an MA in education and neuroscience. As a researcher, he applies the tools of neuro-phenomenology, philosophic inquiry, machine learning, and mathematical modeling to bridge the subjective experience of our consciousness and its neural correlates as captured by various methods of brain imaging. As a teacher, Daniel is an explorer who enjoys taking a cross disciplinary approach to science and introducing students to cutting edge theories. He teaches physics, mathematics, brain science, and philosophy.

In addition to his academic work, Daniel is interested in wellness, yoga, and meditation. He is a trained yoga teacher and deeply knowledgeable about the ways that meditation and wellness practices impact the brain.

Daniel is interested in how philosophy and spirituality overlap with neuroscience and psychology, and has designed multidisciplinary courses for students that explore the intersection of these interests.

Teaching Philosophy & Approach

I believe that learning is far more than acquiring knowledge. Learning is more like a dance, a process of developing intimacy with the line of thought we are trying to follow. Good learning essentially creates change in the student, on many levels, opening up a new field of reality to his or her imagination and perception, changing and expanding her or his world view.

Therefore, when I teach, I try to assist the student in creating this intimate relationship with what they wish to learn, which is full of curiosity and empowerment. I love to keep things flexible and game-like, encouraging self discovery rather than knowledge accepted from an authority.

I believe in learning from first principles and actually trying to understand what we are talking about. For example, if we should learn calculus and try to preform derivatives, I will take the time for us to understand as precisely and deeply as we can what a derivative actually is, rather than skipping this important base and going straight to the technique. This method may seem a bit slower at first, but pays dividends in deeper understanding and curiosity.

“I try to assist the student in creating this intimate relationship with what they wish to learn, which is full of curiosity and empowerment.”
Teaching Level:
  • Middle
  • High School
Teaching Type:
  • Tutoring
  • Learning Coach
  • Full-Semester Classes
  • Full-Year Classes
  • Partial Year Classes (Mini Courses)
Teaching Subjects:
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics
  • Physics
  • Computer Science


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